Welcome to Indy's Largest Muay Thai Kickboxing School..... And Still Growing!


Hello, let me introduce myself, I'm Ray Sarkine. I started training at the age of 5 and am proud to be a lifelong Martial Artist. I've been teaching here in Indianapolis over 25 years.


I founded our school and serve as the Chief Instructor. My schools are considered by many to be the oldest, largest and most successful in the United States. In Fact, we've been featured on numerous TV programs, newspaper articles, and magazine features.


I serve as president of The World Muay Thai League and am the only instructor in the region to have trained numerous North American and several World Muay Thai Champions, both male and female. I've also trained multiple Golden Gloves and Silver Gloves Boxing Champions. I taught the very first Muay Thai accredited college course at a top 10 university.


But enough about me...Let me tell you how I can help you:


Physically, you'll Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Shred Inches! You'll get STRONGER and LEANER. My Classes helps improve circulation, which is terrific for healthy vibrant skin, and tone your muscles for a younger, fresher look. A great sweat also rids the body of toxins that age you.
You'll LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER. In addition, you'll sleep better and awake refreshed with new energy, a sense of motivation and confidence!


Mentally you'll Relieve Stress, Build Focus and gain Clarity. Our training burns off excess energy, relieves built-up tension and promotes a sense of calm. With our Class you'll relieve the stress of your troubled life and regain your clarity and cheer. OUR CLASSES ARE LIKE A MINI-VACATION!


We're not the typical gym; You know the places; dirty, smelly and lots of attitude. Our school is well lit, airy and thoroughly cleaned daily. We provide the best in flooring, rings, bags, shields, and all top-of-the-line equipment. We teach all equally A fitness-orientated hobbyist or a World-Class competitor; all receive the top of the line instruction that only a lifetime of experience can provide. These are just some of the reasons we have
MANY FEMALE STUDENTS (50% on average)!


   We teach students from all walks of life: Nurses, Construction Managers, College Students, Teachers, Bankers, Skilled Laborers and more, all working together in a non-judgmental positive atmosphere.
We recognize only a select few are interested in competition but be assured we have the experience and expertise to help you become your best. In fact, we are the #1 Competition Team in the State and have trained Multiple World and North American Champions!


MORE THAN 4 DECADES OF EXPERIENCE has enabled me to develop a UNIQUE teaching method. My approach demystifies the experience and makes learning FUN, SAFE and EXCITING! My method allows for continual progress and ensures success. Our training leads not only to a great overall physique but also increased energy, vitality, self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem. You'll be able to face the world with a new courage you never thought possible. Our classes really are... The Hardest Workout you'll ever LOVE!


In fact, there are no other schools like mine ANYWHERE in the U.S. My approach is proven and after you've experienced our classes and professional instruction for yourself, you'll be a believer!
PLEASE TRY A CLASS, (click here) and if afterwards you still have doubts, tell me, and I'll guarantee your classes!