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LiL Warriors

At these ages the emphasis is on developing basic coordination and teaching kids ‘how’ to focus and concentrate. We also encourage kids to socialize and interact properly…with self-control and manners.

The mental strengths developed here become the foundation for a successful and less stressful life.


At this age kids are very impressionable. It’s a great time for them to start developing responsibility and a sense of ‘control’ over their future.

We emphasize behavior: A positive attitude, Determination, Enthusiasm and a strong sense of drive. We stress a ‘Never-Give-Up’ spirit. 

We think it’s important kids begin to lengthen and strengthen their focus even while under distractions.

This group is taught how to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations and to spot and avoid a confrontation. However, if that’s not possible the Martial Arts skills we teach are practical – the kids enjoy a new sense of confidence that comes with being able to stand up for themselves.

Tweens Martial Arts

Tweens Martial Arts


Not quite adults but not quite kids either.

At these ages many kids become isolated and feel as if they don’t fit in. They’re ultra-sensitive about their fitness and self-image.

Many want to be active and are physical, but they’re not the ‘square peg’ for the ‘square hole’ needed by team/school sports. Martial Arts is often the perfect fit.

In our school tweens enjoy socializing with other like minded kids who share their interest. These kids find the fitness, self-defense and positivity in our class a stress-relief from dealing with the drama and anxiety that often accompanies school.

The class is disciplined but fun. Social but organized. Goal orientated but without harsh judgment. After all balance both physically and mentally is the goal of Martial Arts.

We teach the same Values you instill at home.

It Can Seem Like Just A Blink Of An Eye and your kids are grown...

When you bring your Child to our Martial Arts classes you’ll provide them with a Fun structured atmosphere where they’ll meet new friends and develop the essential qualities they’ll need throughout their lives.

Kids Martial Arts Training emphasizing Character Development.

 At our Martial Arts Academy we help your child develop Self-Discipline, Confidence, Perseverance and a strong sense of Pride. We prepare youngsters for life’s challenges.  

Our program helps them become self-assured and confident. Success is not tied to winning or losing or being on the ‘right’ team. Martial Arts is an individual pursuit. They learn success comes from persistence  – just like life!

We all suffer failures and setbacks. It’s our Confidence and Mental Attitude which helps us persevere. We build a Never-Give-up Spirit and teach kids to hustle: to work with energy and to give 100% every time. 

Our kids learn the importance of setting and pursuing goals. When they reach these goals they develop pride and naturally want to continue being an achiever.

The Best Karate Classes 

Our Chief Instructor Ray Sarkine came from a Martial Arts Family.  He started his Training at the age of 5. He understands the importance of a structured and fun program.

Our Martial Arts Class develops Confidence

The ‘Right’ time?

Allowing too much time to pass reinforces the negative habits we want to change.

NOW is the time to improve your child’s outlook, attitude and life.

Children who are insecure, withdrawn and uncomfortable often develop a negative self-image. This can follow them thru adolescence into adulthood creating a lifetime of problems.

The longer these problems persist the harder it can be to address them.

Confident kids are Happy Kids

Confident children don’t suffer with self-doubt and insecurity. They enjoy their family, friends and love taking on new challenges. Confident Kids aren’t scared to meet new people and try new things.


 A Child’s ability to defend themselves matters. Everyday they deal with kids whom may be mean-spirited, pushy and domineering. Kids with confidence are less likely to be targeted by bullies and are willing to give their best efforts.

Our Martial Arts classes help a child believe in themselves.

Our Martial Arts Helps Children Learn self-control and Focus

Many Kids are easily distracted…They have tons of energy and their bodies and minds seem to be in constant motion. When distracted, they have difficulty taking instructions and completing simple task.

This leads to failures, frustrations and low self-esteem.

These issues become compounded over time and leaves kids feeling helpless.

Waiting to address these problems only increases the child’s feelings of inadequacy and helplessness.

Challenges to Focus  

Many kids feel helpless because they honestly aren’t able to focus. Concentration when needed, doesn’t come easily for many kids.


It can seem difficult to teach kids mental control: Too much time with digital media, TV, computers, video games and phones seem to hurt a child’s ability to focus, especially when interacting in group or under distraction.

Kids with excess energy will fidget, often easily lose focus, have sleep problems and behavior issues, It’s normal for kids to feel overwhelmed when facing new tasks, but it’s important to empathize and take steps to help them ‘learn’ to focus.


How Our Martial Arts builds Focus and Concentration

Our instructors use proprietary step-by-step methods which help kids develop their mental control.

We break complex techniques and concepts into smaller more manageable segments. This helps kids strengthen their concentration and lengthen their attention span.

Our Lessons also provide a healthy physical outlet, allowing kids to burn off excess energy and built up tension. 

The Proof 

Many Kids need to strengthen their Focus and improve their Concentration. However, Kids have tremendous ability once they’ve developed their Mental Strength. Have you noticed when kids are fascinated with something they show unbelievable focus and determination? 

In fact,  A child’s abilities are incredible once they learn to focus their mind. 

When Kids learn to Focus  

Their improvement in concentration and new fitness is apparent to everyone. Their grades start to improve and their confidence will soar. 

Soon you’ll notice a more positive attitude as they begin to enjoy learning!

Physically, a new athleticism and coordination will be gained. Mentally, you’ll see a better attitude, more patience, enhanced self-control and improved focus and self-discipline.

Our Classes will help a student both physically and Mentally, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Martial Arts teaches

We strive for lasting change. Our Kids learn discipline is not punishment but rather is self-control and thoughtful self-guidance.

How does anyone (regardless of age) expect to be successful without some Discipline?


Discipline, becomes an unseen force allowing those who have it to apply themselves with an ease others can’t find. A youngster with discipline develops better study habits, work ethic and emotional control. 

With discipline kids naturally begin to give a new effort and their grades, behavior and attitude start to improve.

Over a lifetime, the Discipline we instill gives students an incredible advantage in an ever increasingly competitive world. 

Martial Arts Teaches Respect

Respect and Martial Arts go together…hand in glove!

At a time when Kids see Fighting on TV everyday – it’s important they learn Martial Arts is about respect and self-control not violence.


Respectful kids are a pleasure. 

Their families enjoy spending time with them, their teachers are happy to help them and and they live more engaged lives. Respectful kids receive more praise and attention.

Respect is also Appreciation and Manners.

Our students are taught to respect others and to respect themselves by making healthy choices and being thoughtful.


Martial Arts helps minimize Bullying

A Major Problem…Studies in different countries for over twenty years confirm what most parents know, bullying in schools is common. In fact, it’s estimated that between a third to half of students are involved in bullying, in one way or another. 

Bullying in childhood has been linked to problems later in life. Many adults remember those feelings of fear and intimidation they suffered when they were bullied as kids.

On the Playground, in the Classroom and at home too.  

Studies show bullying takes different forms: Physical attacks, verbal abuse, intimidation, threats and exclusion from social groups are just some. As if these weren’t bad enough, today kids can also be bullied in their own home, thru the internet.

Studies show girls more often suffer verbal abuse, social exclusions and internet abuse and boys are more likely to be involved with direct physical attacks. Unfortunately, all forms of bullying are occurring to both boys and girls.

No end in sight.  

Schools have tried program after program. Media attention is at an all-time high. The government has instituted laws, procedures and recommendations but bullying does not seem to be slowing down.

In fact, many believe the problem is worse than ever and growing. A single bully will often victimize many throughout their school years.

Why Kids Bully?

A child who is a bully does it for the power. The bully has a significant power advantage. Research shows that children who bully may be learning to use power and aggression as their way to deal with others.

How Kids become bullies.

One thinks of the bully as the biggest and meanest kid but that is not necessarily true. Bullies come in all sizes and genders. They can be the most popular kid, the jock, or the straight A student. But what is clear is bullying is an intentional act, the bully actively looks for a victim.

Kids often become bullies because they feel powerless, unloved and neglected in their lives. They often have low self-esteem and usually lack the ability to empathize. Most have problems at home and/or are often bullied themselves by family members. Some bullies have too much control over their parents, are spoiled and feel entitled.

Regardless of the reason, their behavior is unacceptable. All the efforts to stop bullying have seemingly failed. As long as there are weaker children to prey upon, bullying will continue.

Confident Kids Aren’t Targets​

Bullies are excellent at profiling, they know how to spot a kid who is fearful or easily intimidated. Bullies are predators and like all predators they prey on those who are weaker and vulnerable.

With our Martial Arts Classes a child will develop Confidence and Skills. When a child feels powerful inside and is self-assured they will project that strength and stop bullying before it become physical.

If a conflict is unavoidable they have the confidence and skills to stand up for themselves and the bully quickly learns to avoid them in the future.

Martial Arts Provides the Proper peer group

Attitude is Everything

Kids learn from and copy one another. Instead of fighting this – we use it to our benefit. Our Martial Arts classes are Fun and Exciting. The children bond with instructors and each other. This nurturing atmosphere provides the ‘positive’ peer group they need. 

We stress a positive and enthusiastic attitude. We believe success and a positive Attitude go hand-in-hand. There cannot be one without the other. Children with a cheerful and positive ‘can-do’ attitude start to develop Responsibility naturally.

Martial Arts Helps Kids Get Fit

According to the World Health Organization...

The Fastest Growing segment of our population suffering from chronic disease are CHILDREN.  Statistics show new levels of childhood obesity, Diabetes and even early stage heart disease.

Children are less active than ever before and if that wasn’t bad enough, their diets are far worse than in the past.  Kids are also suffering mentally. Shocking new levels of anxiety and depression are being reported in all developed countries.

Clearly fitness doesn’t come easily for many kids. Kid’s often suffer a poor self-image which limits them greatly in life. This negativity originates when kids are being ridiculed by their peers because of their poor physical shape. 

We help kids develop strength, flexibility, stamina and overall athleticism. Our training also helps kids burn off built up tension and relieve stress. 

Kid's Self-Defense


Kids Love Martial Arts: they’re eager, excited and anxious……a Great Way to Start. 

We have developed a highly interactive and dynamic teaching method kid’s love. But, it’s important they also learn when (and when-not) to use their skills. And to balance these new self-defense skills they MUST learn humility too

Our students are taught Martial Arts is for DEFENSE only. We teach kids to spot and avoid a potentially dangerous situations and how to de-escalate a confrontation when possible

The Best Martial Arts Classes

We can have a dramatic positive impact on your child’s life. We strive to make every student Strong and Proud.  Coming to us may require a little bit of a drive but it’s worth it. After all your child’s future is at stake.

Join us and you’ll understand why so many students stay year-after-year.

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to begin!


Learn about our Special Introductory Lesson, Upcoming Seminars and Current Events.


Learn about our Special Introductory Lesson, Upcoming Seminars and Current Events.

*Terms & Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations apply. 

*Terms & Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations apply.

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Learn about our Special Introductory Lesson, Upcoming Seminars and Current Events.

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