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Alone, there’s no one to hold you accountable, no one to motivate you, no inspiration and no goals to reach for.  You NEED A TEAM.

To be successful you need support and consistency.  To achieve consistency, you need to ENJOY what you’re doing.

We’re not a DOJO DUNGEON

You know the places: Dirty, Smelly and filled with Punks and Tough-guys. We’re nothing like that.  We offer the Best Instruction, the Best facilities and a Friendly non-judgmental atmosphere. Our school is a free standing and custom built facility with inspiring decors and is airy and bright. We feature top of the line mats, bags and rings.

The Real Deal

In our School Camaraderie and positivity will surround you. WE HAVE the true pedigree and experience you’ll need to reach your goals.  We meet and learn about new students prior to their joining. This ensures an atmosphere filled with enthusiastic, happy students who share common goals. 

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum is a proven success. Private Lessons, Multiple Levels of Instruction and professional instruction at a cost much less than most other skill-based lessons.

The foundation to a successful life is being physically fit.

One of the highest forms of respect is to properly care for your body. This takes precedence over everything else, because without a healthy body little else can be achieved.  Before you can thrive among others you must be strong within yourself. A strong spirit and mind follows the development of a well-conditioned physical body.

Join us, you’ll build Muscle, Shred inches and Burn Fat. And you’ll relieve Stress. And while shaping up you’ll learn effective Self-Defense and become able to defend yourself and loved ones. You’ll be ready for all challenges in life.   

It seems the Entire World is now trying to emulate Fighters

They want to achieve that symmetrical and muscled physique fighters are famous for. Many personal fitness trainers and former Cross-trainers now come to us to achieve their fitness.

In our training you’ll work every muscle in your body from head to toe. Some students report burning over 1200 calories in a single session on their personal fitness trackers.  

In addition to burning fat you will build muscle and strengthen your core. Your flexibility and coordination will improve and you’ll achieve a flat belly.  

There has been many studies proving high intensity interval training is the fastest and most efficient method to shape up. We’ve always trained that way!

You don’t have to be a fighter, to train like one!

Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, the perfect answer for busy lives

We accomplish all those physical benefits in every class. 

And what about the mental Benefits? Our Martial Arts classes gets you mentally involved, allowing you to leave your problems behind. You’ll burn stress and relieve tension right away.  

Our students say they have so much fun training they’re not conscious of how hard they’re working.

We make Starting Easy

Your current condition doesn’t matter. And you don’t need previous experience, in fact starting from a blank slate has advantages. You’ll have no bad habits to fix!

We’ll use a step-by-step approach. We begin with private lessons and then move to a basic level group. As skills and fitness improves students may advance to more challenging levels to ensure results continue.

If your progress slows our Instructors know how to help you past any sticking points.  They have experience helping our competitors cut weight and get ripped.

They know the best methods to build strength, stamina and how to ‘cycle’ the training for best results.

Soon you’ll slim down, have more energy and be ready for better fitting clothes. Your friends and family will notice your new confidence and how fit you’ve become.

Martial Arts is an Individual Pursuit.

Our students aren’t in competition with one another. In fact, they work together in friendship. Our Instructors and your fellow students will encourage, inspire and support you. 

We’ve been helping students achieve their goals for decades. That’s why we often teach the children of students whom we trained when they were just kids.  We are a proven success.  

A Strong Mind

A healthy body is vital, but it’s important your mind and body work together.

Research shows Americans are suffering from unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Many people’s lives are filled with frustrations and pressures:  Dealing with co-workers, handling family issues, managing daily emergencies and navigating constant demands. This leads to high levels of accumulated stress.

This stress manifest itself in so many negative ways: Anxiety, depression, weight gain, low-energy, relationship problems and many other issues.

When can’t stand the way you look and feel…..nothing else really matters. Invest in yourself. Your health (Physical and Mental) won’t fix itself. You need to take action, ignoring your problems only allows them to grow.

 Your new calm and improved self-control will be appreciated – especially when you’re putting out those daily fires.

Never waste money on the gym again

Get off the Hamster-Wheel

Look around any gym and you’ll notice everyone’s watching TV or on their phone. They’re like exercise zombies: bored, unmotivated and wishing they were somewhere else. 

If you are lucky enough to lose a few pounds at a gym, they never seem to stay off!

What does the gym provide? Judgmental looks, Egocentric attitudes and feeling ‘on display’ 

You have choices. But what ‘exercise’ program can teach life saving skills AND transform your life? If you want an activity that will impact your entire life and make you strong in both body and mind, you need to train with us. 

You’ll love our training and wonder why you waited so long to begin.

The Top Martial Arts Program in Indianapolis

A One-of-a-kind Curriculum and Quality Instruction

Our Instructors are highly trained Professionals.

In addition to being accomplished Martial Artist, (most are Multiple Champion Belt Winners) they train regularly with Chief Instructor Ray Sarkine to continue improving their skills and learn the best ways to teach our one-of-a-kind proven curriculum.

They want every student to become strong and proud. They know the best way to help students is to teach great, Fast-paced, Fun and Exciting Classes.

Mental Strength

Your self-image affects every aspect of your life. Your career, health and relationships are all affected by how you feel about yourself.

Training with us will help you radiate a new confidence, courage and a positive outlook.

Our training will empower you to live a fuller, richer life. 

Our Martial Arts develops Athleticism

Our Training will improve your coordination and helps you find a new symmetry in motion and an athleticism you never knew you could have! 

You’ll become stronger, more coordinated and enjoy improved flexibility, balance and agility. These new strengths will show in every physical activity you do.  This is why so many high level Athletes join us to enhance their performance. 

And while getting into the best shape of your life you’ll also be learning REAL self-defense that could save your life someday.

The skills we teach  benefit you throughout your life.

We believe in Mind and Body. Other activities may improve your fitness physically….for a time. But only our training will improve you Physically and Mentally, improving the quality of your entire life!

Take control of your Mind, Body, and Emotions.
In our School you’ll learn Authentic Self-Defense skills in a Friendly, Non-intimidating environment. We empower you to take charge of your physical and mental health, your personal safety and your future.

Parents know, raising kids is Tough. Parenting requires daily work and constant management. You have to be at your best. You should model self-assurance, patience and self-control.  Controlling your own stress and maintaining a positive attitude is vital to being a good role model.

Training with us helps you develop the Mental balance which helps you deal with the challenges and stresses that come with raising even the best child.

Join our Martial Arts Team and Reach your Goals

Our students never force themselves to ‘Exercise…they’re excited to ‘TRAIN’

There is no such thing as short-term or quick fitness. Those results (IF they occur) never last.  With us you’ll find a long-term solution.

For results to LAST you must stay interested, stay motivated and stay focused.  With our proven curriculum you’ll always be learning more, improving and you’ll be having so much fun you won’t realize how hard you’re working.  

You’ll feel (and look) better than you have in years.

Our program changes lives for the better:  We help students dramatically improve both physically and mentally.  They become Leaner and Stronger and are more relaxed, stress-free and confident.  And while those qualities have a huge impact, they’re just a few of the many benefits which transform students lives.  

We teach students from all walks of life.  Nurses, Construction Managers,  Students, Teachers, Bankers, Police Officers, Skilled Laborers and more.  Exciting classes, encouraging instructors, a one-of-a-kind proven successful curriculum and a NON-JUDGMENTAL ATMOSPHERE are only some of the reasons we have so many female students (50% on average).

Our Training isn’t just for the 20’s and 30 somethings. We have a successful over 40 crowd too.  They’re attracted to our step-by-step approach and focus on smart, safe training.  Aging may be inevitable: but with our classes you’ll regain muscle, improve flexibility and build energy.

They come for the Fitness and Self-Defense. They stay because our Training transforms their life. Your Confidence and Strength both Internally and Physically will skyrocket. Regardless of your individual goals you’ll benefit greatly from joining our winning team.

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