Muay Thai Classes in Indianapolis

In our schools we teach both the Sport and the Ancient Self-Defense Style of Muay Thai. 

But, we have greatly modernized the approach. We utilize a proprietary scientific method which develops students quickly.

We help every student develop a style custom to their own abilities, both mental and physical.

American students don’t have unlimited time to train and aren’t fighting for the same reasons. (to earn their basic income as in Thailand).

As competitors Americans are brave, tough, skilled and determined as any. But they’re fighting for different reasons. 

Most Americans aren’t willing to get repeatedly injured and lose fight after fight just to learn. 

Americans begin at different ages, have different body types and a different mentality: they need to understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of fighting. 

Our modernized step-by-step method allows us to teach these Ancient combat Martial Arts to people of all ages without compromise. 

Most of our students train for the physical and mental benefits and to obtain great skills. Some pursue competition and those who do want to compete safely and be successful.

We’ve Trained more Champions than all others in the region combined.

We believe ‘Life’ itself can often be like a fight. There’s no reason to add serious competitive fighting to daily stresses. 

But, for those with a passion and a wish to test themselves, we offer various way to compete. And we have the highest ‘Win’ ratio of any school. 

It may seem contradictory but it’s the student who trains for the ‘Art’ value whom ends up the best.  Enjoying you’re training…. is a proven recipe for success.

We are the Only school in the state that has produced Multiple Major Tournament Champions, both Male and Female for Decades!


Learn about our FREE TOUR, Upcoming Events & Special Offers


Learn about our FREE TOUR, Upcoming Events & Special Offers

*Terms & Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations apply. 

*Terms & Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations apply.

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Learn about our FREE TOUR, Upcoming Events & Special Offers

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