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SwordStrong fitness – A new and exciting twist in group fitness classes. 

Members train with a wooden practice sword (called a bokken)  They learn authentic sword strikes and proper technique while at the same time developing balance, footwork and endurance!

Each class features up-beat, exciting music and a FULL-BODY workout. Flexibility, core-strength, strong shoulders, arms, backs and legs are on order with every session as you cut, slash and thrust your way into fantastic shape!  Classes bring a meditative quality which is relaxing and stress-relieving.

Whether you want to slim down, build muscle or shred inches, SwordStrong will provide you a fascinating workout that KEEPS you motivated!

Learning the Sword is fascinating and invigorating. 

Our classes emphasize fun and camaraderie, are co-ed and no previous experience is necessary!  New members must be over 18 or have a parent present.  (No members under 14)

We provide the practice swords.  You provide water and towel.

We operate in a large, open area that is matted (members practice barefoot) and feature high-ceilings, safe for swing a sword!  



SowrdStrong is protected by United States Trademark laws and is a licensed program.  No replication or use, without express written permission, is possible.  Any infringements will be addressed.

Weapons Training

Sword Training

We teach Kenjitsu, the Art of the Sword.


Kali/Escrima Lessons

We teach stick fighting.


Bo Staff Training

Our students Learn the Staff


We also teach Nunchaku and Tonfa.  Some students also receive Instruction in TantoJitsu.


Learn about our FREE TOUR, Upcoming Events & Special Offers


Learn about our FREE TOUR, Upcoming Events & Special Offers

*Terms & Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations apply. 

*Terms & Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations apply.

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Learn about our FREE TOUR, Upcoming Events & Special Offers

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